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Aug. 4th, 2009

The power of CO2

Two months ago, when tank was started:


Aug. 3rd, 2009

I Have A Drum

Dec. 30th, 2008



Apr. 8th, 2008

Ajem monotematiczni

Stanley Clarke

Malla (Jarle H. Olsen Band)

Masaki (masakraki!)

Brad Russell

Yoshihiro Naruse vs Tetsuo Sakurai (samurai, hyhy)

Gary Willys

Mitsuru Sutoh (Dżapan to wylęgarnia basów, się okazuje)

Linley Marthe

Jaco Pastorius (Dżako Dżako, chopakuuu)

Louis Johnson

Madafaka Pilichowski (AKA Kalashnikov)

Apr. 6th, 2008

Todd Essick

More at http://www.essickphoto.com/

Los Lobotomys - "Los Lobotomys"

1. Dismemberment
2. Oozer
3. Purple Haze
4. Big Bone
5. Jorainbo
6. Lobotomy Stew
7. Little Wing
8. Smell Yourself
9. All Blues


Apr. 5th, 2008

Steve Lukather - "Ever Changing Times"

1. Ever changing times
2. The letting go
3. New world
4. Tell me what you want from me
5. I am
6. Jammin' with Jesus
7. Stab in the back
8. Never ending nights
9. Ice bound
10. How many zero
11. The thruth

"Ever Changing Times"

Lao Che - "Gospel"

1.Drogi panie
2.Czarne kowboje
3.Bóg zapłać
4.Do syna Józefa Cieślaka
7.Zbawiciel Diesel
11.Ty człowiek jesteś?
12.Siedmiu nie zawsze wspaniałych

QJ - reup for sammyyummy

"Big Band Bossa Nova"

1. Soul Bossa Nova
2. Boogie Stop Shuffle (Issued As 'Boogie Bossa Nova')
3. Desafinado
4. Mahna de Carnaval (Morning Of The Carnival)
5. Se E Tarde Me Pardoa (Forgive Me If I'm Late)
6. On The Street Where You Live
7. Samba De Una Nota So (One Note Samba)
8. Lalo Bossa Nova
9. Serenata
10. Chega De Saudade (No More Blues)
11. A Taste Of Honey

"All Star Big Band"

1. They say its wonderfull
2. Desafinado
3. Bossa nova usa
4. Watermelon man
5. Gravy waltz
6. Stormy weather
7. Osies oasis
8. Johnsons whacks
9. Walk on wild side
10. Lester leaps in
11. Cherokee
12. Serenata
13. Air mail special

"Smackwater Jack"

1. Smackwater Jack
2. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
3. Ironside
4. What's Going On
5. Theme From The Anderson Tapes
6. Brown Ballad
7. Hikky-Burr
8. Guitar Blues Odyssey, From Roots To Fruits

"The Dude"

1. Ai No Corrida
2. The Dude
3. Just Once
4. Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me
5. Somethin' Special
6. Razzamatazz
7. One Hundred Ways
8. Velas
9. Turn On The Action

"Back on the Block"

1. Prologue (2 Q's Rap)
2. Back On The Block
3. I Don't Go For That
4. I'll Be Good To You
5. The Verb To Be
6. Wee B. Dooinit
7. The Places You Find Love
8. Jazz Corner Of The Word
9. Birdland
10. Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)
11. One Man Woman
12. Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)
13. Prelude To The Garden
14. The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)

"Q's Jook Joint"

1. Jook Joint Intro
2. Let The Good Times Roll
3. Cool Joe, Mean Joe (Killer Joe)
4. You Put A Move On My Heart
5. Rock With You
6. Moody's Mood For Love
7. Stomp
8. Jook Joint Reprise (Let The Good Times Roll)
9. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
10. Is It Love That We're Missin'
11. Heaven's Girl
12. Stuff Like That
13. Slow Jams
14. At The End Of The Day (Grace)
15. Jook Joint Outro

"From Q, With Love"

1. Septembro
2. The Secret Garden
3. I'm Yours
4. Baby, Come To Me
5. You Put A Move On My Heart
6. Velas
7. Moody's Mood For Love (I'm In The Mood For Love)
8. Liberian Girl
9. Love Dance
10. One Hundred Ways
11. Rock With You
12. The Lady In My Life
13. The Shadow Of Your Smile
14. How Do You Keep The Music Playing
15. Something I Cannot Have
16. Human Nature
17. Everything Must Change
18. I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning
19. Everything
20. Just Once
21. If This Time Is The Last Time
22. Somewhere
23. Heaven's Girl
24. Prelude To The Garden
25. Sax In The Garden
26. At The End Of The Day (Grace)

"The Quintessence"

1. Quintessence
2. Robot Portrait
3. Little Karen
4. Straight, No Chaser
5. For Lena And Lennie
6. Hard Sock Dance
7. Invitation
8. The Twitch

Apr. 4th, 2008

Bass again

Les Claypool


John Entwistle (holy shit!!! & R.I.P.)

Larry Graham

Flea (don't like RHCP, but Flea, hmmm - a man in a bad place in a bad time)

Stu Hamm (lazy freak IMHO)

Gene Simmons at last

We call it in Poland "suaby" or "ja pierdole, jaki suaby"

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